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We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others.

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Marketing and Sales

You will have an opportunity to work on a really challenging project, experience best in class training and development opportunities. You will work with a team and external creative agencies to realize a real-time marketing campaign.

About Unilever

Who is Unilever?


About us

Unilever is the global company behind powerhouse brands such as Dove, Lipton, Lynx, Streets and Surf. Everyday, Unilever products touch the lives of over 2 billion people across 190 countries. We are committed to helping people feel good, look good and get more out of life through brands and services. That’s what makes us one of the largest, most successful suppliers of fast moving consumer goods on the planet.

Our business is not just about selling products. Last year we contributed $120 million to communities around the world. We’re doing well by doing good. We’ve achieved our success with uncompromising honesty, strong environmental ethics, intuitive insights, respect for people and stringent standards at a global, local and community level.

Keeping the world’s best loved brands out in front takes talent, drive and fresh thinking. Ultimately, it’s our 171,000 employees who will help us answer the question: ‘What do we want to do now and in the future?’ We don’t ask our people to simply join our business. We ask them to become our business, driving it forward as if it were their own.

Our multi-talented, global workforce brings a vast range of experience, knowledge and success. What unites us is creativity, leadership, resilience and a passion for succeeding with integrity. Our people are the heart of everything we do. We believe in giving them access to great opportunities, and we want them to fulfil their personal and professional aspirations. As they grow, we grow. With this as our motto, we’ve built a graduate programme that’s been the launching point for some truly amazing careers. It’s fair to say the opportunities with Unilever are endless

Sustainability – making a difference


We’ve always focused on doing the right thing, believing our brands can improve the quality of people’s lives. As our business grows, so do our responsibilities. We have the huge ambition of doubling in size, whilst halving our environmental impact, and to achieve this, we need new ideas that will fundamentally change how business works.

By 2020 we will also help more than 1 billion people take action to improve their health and well- being, and source 100% of our agricultural raw materials sustainably. To do this, we have launched the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan which details 50 solid targets that will inspire billions of people to take small, everyday actions that make a big difference.

Our community involvement is focused around the areas of nutrition, hygiene and sustainability. Unilever aims to make a real difference by encouraging our employees to take initiative and help others through various projects in the community.

To find out more please follow this link: http://www.sustainable-living.unilever.com/

UFLP Malaysia

  • Malaysian Citizenship required
  • Based in Kuala Lumpur

UFLP Malaysia

Customer Development / Customer Management (Sales) Future Leaders Program

How would you position a new product in a competitive market? How would you persuade retailers to take it on, to put up new displays, to take the risk of buying lots of stock for something new and unfamiliar? What will you do? Over three placements, you will work in the areas of Account Management, Category Management and Business to Business. In Account Management, you’ll work with a certain ‘type’ of customer, building relationships, developing promotions, negotiating and gathering an understanding of consumers. In Category Management, you’ll cover a category of products, becoming an expert on their marketplace, consumers and competitors and advising customers on suitable stocks for their demographics. In Business to Business, you’ll sell a range of food products, using your product expertise and relationship skills to keep preferred supplier relationships with companies like the Hilton Group and the Ministry of Defence. Who is it for? Any work in this area demands a lot of motivation and an ability to tackle tough situations. After all, you’ll be on the front lines, working as an ambassador for our products, making sure people forget the competition and think of Unilever first.

Marketing Future Leaders Program

How exactly do you make some of the UK’s most popular brands even more popular? How do you take products that in some cases have a 100-year heritage behind them and bring them bang up to date? What will you do? You’ll learn your craft hands-on over the course of up to three placements – and you’ll also receive some of the best marketing training around. You will work in the areas of Brand Development and Brand Building. You could be working for a local company or a regional innovation centre, customer development or market research. There are even opportunities to work on an international assignment. Who is it for? We’re behind some the world’s most recognizable brands, but resting on our laurels isn’t going to keep us competitive. To give us that constant edge, you’ll need expert knowledge of your brands and the people who use them. We are looking for people who are analytical yet creative, with good gut instinct and who’ll be able to find ways to make our products fly off the shelves.


2 billion times a day someone somewhere chooses a Unilever product. That means you'll be working with a portfolio of brands that include market leaders and household names, such as Lady’s Choice, Wall’s, Axe, Sunsilk and Breeze, to name a few. You will get the opportunity to make a genuine impact on people's lives.

The Unilever Future Leaders Programme

The Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP) is about growing iconic multi-million dollar, market-leading brands from day one. It’s tapping into continuous business mentoring, excellent training, and hands-on responsibility. It’s learning like you’ve never learned before. It’s challenging, make no mistake. But we’re looking to make managers of you in three years. You will drive your career and some of the world’s most-loved brands into the future.

Real Responsibility

Focused on building leadership capability and accelerating your development, the programme involves a number of job rotations throughout the three years. Real roles with real responsibility from day one, will provide fantastic insight into the organisation, continually test and develop your skills, and give you the chance to make an immediate contribution to the business. Rotations will primarily be based in Kuala Lumpur but you may find yourself at some point over the three years working in other parts of Malaysia and overseas! So mobility and flexibility are really important.

We'll help you, help yourself

We offer world-class development opportunities in a fast-paced, challenging work environment. That means you'll learn from the best, both internally and externally; inspiring leaders and colleagues to support your professional and personal growth. As well as learning on the job, you'll have access to many carefully selected learning programmes to build fundamental leadership and business skills – in some areas these will lead to professional qualifications.

You'll need to be focused and ambitious to get where you want, identifying opportunities and taking responsibility for your own development.

International Exposure

During the programme, you will also get the opportunity to carry out one of your rotations internationally, so you can experience Unilever within another country

What we look for from you

We are looking for highly talented motivated individuals, hungry for a challenge and ready to significantly contribute towards the success of the Unilever team. We seek graduates who are globally mobile, resilient, resourceful, have strong analytical and communication skills, and a passion for the winning.

As part of the application process you will be required to upload your transcripts and resume. To be eligible, you will have obtained an above credit average university result and will have completed your studies by Dec 2013. Please note that this graduate program will be based in Kuala Lumpur and therefore it is a requirement that you are a Malaysian citizen. Upon the completion of your application form, you will be requested to complete online psychometric testing.

How to Apply

Future Leadership Program

The Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP)


For Graduates

The Unilever Future Leaders Programme will see you go from graduate to manager in three years. Our graduates are dedicated, eager and passionate, doing first class work in a way that makes us proud. The Unilever Future Leaders Programme is about learning quickly, developing your strengths, and soaking up the experience of working with talented colleagues. The future we’re building will need ambitious, self-confident and skilled leaders.

The Unilever Future Leaders Programme gives you the opportunity to work in the worldwide home of brand excellence where you can make a real impact. You’ll learn from the best both internally and externally to build your skills. With us, you’ll experience a rich, diverse and challenging work environment, and contribute to an international business that is truly locally connected.

A real job from day one

The programme focuses on building leadership capability and accelerating your development. You’ll take on real challenges from day one, working with experts within a structured learning environment. You’ll be in a position that lets you provide insight to the business, continually test and develop your skills, while making a genuine contribution to our business.

Multi business and international rotations

Though you will specialise in one business area, the programme will involve a minimum of three rotations over three years. These rotations will provide you with fantastic insight into the business, as well as the opportunity to develop new skills and build a firm foundation to kick-start your career. Rotations will primarily be based in Sydney, but you may find yourself working in Victoria, New Zealand and overseas! To make the most of our programme, your mobility and flexibility are really important.

Wherever you're based, you'll quickly see that each of our business areas work closely together. You'll often be part of multi business project groups, and will spend time connecting with consumers and customers to really understand our business works.

You’ll follow an extensive development programme designed to support you on your journey. The Programme is focused on developing your business, general and leadership capabilities, through classroom learning, online learning, workshops and carefully planned on the job experience.

You will also be involved in, working on projects deigned to deliver impact through sustainability.


We'll pair you up with a recent graduate who will be your buddy, to help you settle in and learn from their experience. You'll also be assigned an experienced senior manager as a mentor, who will help you improve your performance. And every day will come with a range of support and coaching from your line manager, buddies, HR advisors and other colleagues.

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